The Wand: Are you Dental Phobic?

Although lots of patients are afraid of the dentist, there is really no need for this. With modern sedation dentistry and the excellent training of modern dentists like Robert W. Johnson DMD, fillings, dental implants and other dental procedures have become virtually painless. In addition, there is now a tool called the Wand that allows advanced dental procedures to be completely painless.

This new tool, the Wand, is a computer-powered high-efficiency low-pain dental tool. As one of the most widespread modern tools in the field of dentistry, Robert W. Johnson DMD has decided to use this tool as well. Its advantages include: it’s painless, it’s safe, and it’s targeted. That means that it has ability to anesthetize just one tooth. Older sedation methods required the dentist to numb up a whole section of the mouth, causing a great annoyance during and after the operation. But now with the Wand, those days are gone.

Here in Dawson, Georgia, we use the most modern sedation technology to provide the most painless procedures possible, all of which Robert W. Johnson DMD approves of. The Wand especially provides painless dental operations to our patients. Come visit us today so that Robert W. Johnson DMD can fix your dental problems without pain!

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